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Reseting with Keto in the New Year!

Feeling a little blah after the holidays? Have you allowed yourself to over indulge in everything that comes with all of the holiday feasting since November? Us too!

When our bodies adjust to sweets and excess carbohydrates, we begin to feel like we need them and crave them like we can't do without them. With January here and summer around the corner, we know that if we continue to keep up like we have been that we won't be happy with ourselves, our bodies or our overall health come June so how can we switch things up? How can I detox my body from all of the sugar and carbs I've over consumed and reset my cravings? The ketogenic diet may be the answer for you!

The ketogenic diet is a high fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrate diet. It wasa diet originally used to help reduce seizures in individuals with epilepsy and has been proven to improve insulin resistance. It sounds crazy to some but by eliminating carbohydrates from your diet, you literally force your body to use fat for energy thus resulting in burning fat. If you love sweets like we do, this can sound like it will be difficult and it is an adjustment but there are ways to incorporate allowable sweets in moderation and as your body adjusts, you will no longer NEED that box of cookies. The most important piece to a ketogenic diet is maintaining your macronutrient ratios with each meal. For example, let's say you are allowed, 20 carbohydrates, 83 grams of protein and 102 grams of fat per day... you do not want to eat all 20 carbohydrates in one sitting and then consume your protein and fat throughout the rest of the day. At each meal, you want to focus on your fats, then incorporate your proteins and if carbs sneak in through ways of cheese, low carb fruits, low carb vegetables etc, then they get in that way. We have a few low carb favorites that we love and are keto friendly that we can't wait to share with you!

Join us in our Reset with Keto facebook group for tips, motivation, favorite keto friendly meals and more as we go on a keto journey together!

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