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Reviews & Testimonials

Getting organized 👍

Jim S.

"I took advantage of Cal’s free ‘try us out’ sessions and signed up right away. I already feel stronger. Like many folks, the pandemic took a toll on me physically. I needed strength and toning. I love Cal’s easy-going style. After an initial assessment, he seems to innately know just what I need, and really motivates me while making sure I don’t overdo it. The time flies by. And there’s an added bonus. The community he’s built there are all friendly, welcoming and encouraging people. I look forward to seeing everyone. Most have been going for some time. He also uses an app to help you book time at Paragon. So easy to use, and entirely affordable. I highly recommend checking out Paragon Training PHL."

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Kelsey D.

"Cal adapts all the workouts to your needs but still pushes you. I highly recommend this place and Cal!"

"Every time I go to Paragon, I feel so accomplished when I walk out of those doors. Never have I stuck with a exercise regimen before, but Cal keeps things interesting and fun and I want to come back for more!"

Kyleen T.

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