At Paragon Training PHL, two types of 30 minute sessions will be available: strength & conditioning. Strength sessions will focus  on squat, bench, deadlift, snatch and clean while conditioning sessions will focus on a variety of aerobic and anaerobic high intensity work.

Two packages will be available to allow you to choose a price point and schedule availability that best suits your needs and goals. With the two packages you will have the opportunity to choose between one or two 30 minute sessions per day. 


At Paragon Training PHL, we offer  a Nutrition Start Up Program. Our start up program runs for 4 weeks and includes 4 (up to one hour) one-on-one weekly sessions. Included in your package will be before and after pictures and measurements. 

After you've completed the start up, you will have the opportunity to schedule "Tune Ups" if you feel like you need reminders, help getting back on track or would like to continue to track progress through pictures and measurements. Tune Ups are individual up to one hour sessions.