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Coming Back after Covid

The past several months have been challenging for people across the globe. With most of the world shutdown, I think it's safe to say that we're all looking forward to getting our lives back - to some sense of normalcy, whatever our new normal may look like.

At Paragon, we are working hard to ensure that we can open while keeping you and your loved ones as well as ourselves safe and healthy and we CANNOT wait.

We are grateful and blessed that our program lends to social distancing with some minor adjustments to scheduling.

At Paragon, you can count on the following as we move to a new normal while getting back to working out together and starting to feel like ourselves again:


: As always, please be sure to schedule in advance as possible, scheduling will need to occur at the very latest, an hour in advance - this will ensure that there is sufficient time to santize between athletes.

: 3 Athletes per session: Prior to covid, our maximum number of althetes was 6. In order to maintain appropriate social distancing and cleaning of equipment between uses, the maximum number of athletes per session has dropped to 3. If we end up feeling like there is plenty of space for more and as things with the virus improve, we will review increasing this number.

Cleaning & Sanitizing

: Hand sanitizer will be available upon entry and exit

: Disinfectant spray and wipes will be used between athletes and sessions throughout the facility and on equipment

: Shower Pill wipes will continue to be available for use post workout


: Daily life can be challenging in a mask, let alone exercising. We will not be requiring athletes to wear masks to workout however you are more than welcome, if you'd like. We do suggest having one with you in the event that you are hanging around in the gym early before your session or afterwards.

We CANNOT wait to see each of you and are thrilled for our RE-OPENING DAY!

All the Best,

The McLellan's

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